From September 2016, we will organize seminars and data sessions on a regular basis, roughly every two weeks, at the LILEC Department, University of Bologna (via Cartoleria 5, Bologna). If you want to be involved and/or be updated on our schedule, please write an email to Caterina Mauri and follow our page on Facebook!

Check the CLUB website for further linguistics seminars in Bologna!


  • International Workshop on “Building categories in interaction: a multidisciplinary approach to categorization“, that will take place on the 19-20 October 2017 at the University of Bologna.
  • Data Session on Costruzioni che costruiscono categorie. Dati del corpus [ki’parla]
    Wednesday, 24/05/2017 h. 3pm. LILEC Department, University of Bologna (room to be announced)


  • CLUB in Progress – 27/04/2017 
    Ilaria Fiorentini,
    General extenders nell’italiano contemporaneo: pattern di variazione e mutamenti in atto“. LILEC Department, University of Bologna, Sala Giunta.
  • CLUB DAY “corpora@UNIBO”, organized by Francesca Masini and Fabio Tamburini
    h 10.00-18.15, LILEC Department, University of Bologna, Sala Convegni.
  • Caterina Mauri, “LEADhoC. The linguistic expression of ad hoc categories”.
    23/02/2017 h 14.30, IDEAR – Incontri Dipartimentali su Esperienze e Attività di Ricerca, LILEC Department, University of Bologna, Sala Giunta (1st floor).
  • Alessandra Barotto Exemplification and categorization
    University of Pavia – Aula Riunioni – 2p.m. 4/3/2016
  • Workshop on “Ad hoc categories and their linguistic construction. Typology, diachrony and use”, organized by Caterina Mauri and Andrea Sansò. 49th SLE Conference in Naples: 31 August / 3 September 2016
  • Simone Ciccolone (Bolzano), “Using ELAN to build and annotate a corpus”
    20/09/2016 h 10.30-12.30, LILEC Department, University of Bologna. Following the seminar there will be a LAB session (h 14-16), dedicated to more applied questions.